Our Foundation

Building a Culture of Performance Excellence

  • The Systems Thinking Approach™
  • Leading Cultural Change
  • Group Facilitation and Adult Learning Theory/Cycle
  • Fact-based Decision Making (including Assessment Tools)
Four fundamental concepts (see link to “Our Systems Approach” below) are the basis for The Systems Approach —a new orientation to life and work—and everything we do:

  • Problem solving system: Strategic Thinking Handbook #1
  • Critical thinking at its best: Strategic Thinking Handbook #2
  1. The Seven Levels of Living Systems
  2. System Dynamics (12 Laws of Natural Systems)
  3. A-B-C-D-E Systems Model
  4. The Natural Cycles of Life

We focus on the integration, synergy, and unity of science between chaos theory; complex adaptive systems; complexity theory; cybernetics, operations and systems research; general systems theory; system dynamics; systems thinking; strategic planning; critical thinking; problem solving; organizational learning; systems engineering; self-organizing systems; systems change; and over 30 other scientific disciplines we have identified as moving towards Systems Thinking.