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The Strategic Edge: Reinventing Strategic Planning and Leading Enterprise-Wide Change

Strategic Thinking on a Daily Basis
Reinventing Strategic Planning and Marketplace Positioning
3-year Business and Annual Operational Planning
Leading Enterprise-Wide Change  Management
The People Edge: Achieving Leadership Excellence and Creating the People Edge

Legal Advice & Referral Center
Get legal advice from lawyers in your state.
Ask a legal question to real lawyers. Get an answer from a lawyer that specializes in your issue.
Our goal is to make sure no one ever gets taken advantage of by the criminal justice system.

Strategic Marketing and Sales Planning
Becoming Customer Focused with Service Excellence
Performance Excellence and Process Improvement (including Quality, TQM, Six Sigma and Baldrige)
Organization Redesign for Watertight Integrity
Our Foundation—The Systems Approach:  Building a Culture of Performance Excellence

The Systems Thinking Approach™ to Strategic Management
Leading Cultural Change
Group Facilitation and Adult Learning Theory/Cycle
Fact-based Decision Making (including Assessment Tools)